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A Midsummer Night’s Dream: Everyone Wants Something

Every character in this play is hoping for something. There is no one who doesn’t have something that they wish to have albeit sometimes selfishly: Theseus: He is the duke of Athens, and will soon be wed to Hippolyta the queen of the Amazons. He is anxious for his wedding day and wishes for the days… Continue reading A Midsummer Night’s Dream: Everyone Wants Something

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“The Rarer Action is in Virtue” – Tempest Part III

After the famous harpy scene mentioned at the end of my last essay, Prospero returns to Miranda and Ferdinand. He agrees to their marriage and gives it his blessing, and also frees Ferdinand from his labors. As a wedding present, Prospero uses his magic powers to summon spirits who then perform a play for the… Continue reading “The Rarer Action is in Virtue” – Tempest Part III

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First Remember – Then Hope: Tempest Part II

The great magician Prospero did create that might Tempest in Act I, but he did not kill everyone. Later, we happily read that they are safe on the desert island. Why did Prospero do this? What is his intention with the shipwrecked men? Well, the passengers of the boat were in fact the very men… Continue reading First Remember – Then Hope: Tempest Part II

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The Tempest – William Shakespeare

The opening scene of the Tempest is in fact, in the middle of a violent storm. What is interesting about that is often times a storm is a symbol of tragedy in Shakespearean literature, and this play is a comedy. On the ship is King Alonso of Naples and his son Ferdinand; Antonio the Duke… Continue reading The Tempest – William Shakespeare

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The Play and Secrets Revealed

I have spent a lot of time focusing on the main character of the story: Hamlet himself. Although there is a lot more I could say about Hamlet, another interesting and insightful view of the play can also come through other side-characters. People like King Claudius, Queen Gertrude, Laertes and Horatio can all give a… Continue reading The Play and Secrets Revealed

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Texas v. Johnson

In 1984, during a protestation against Reagan administrative policies, Gregory Lee Johnson burned an American flag in front of the Dallas City Hall. He was tried in a Texas court and charged for desecration of the flag. After the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals reversed the conviction, the case was brought before the Supreme Court.… Continue reading Texas v. Johnson

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The Play’s the Thing

“The play’s the thing wherein I’ll catch the conscience of the king.” Hamlet utters these lines at the end of Act II, when he comes up with a plan to determine the truth of the ghost’s words. Once again, this line possesses a lot of significance and meaning into the inner workings of the prince Hamlet.… Continue reading The Play’s the Thing