Before I start posting anything else, I need to tell you more about myself. I decided to start with my family.

My Dad is not so easy to get to know or understand. The reason being that you can’t tell what is going on in his head; he hides his emotions very well. For instance if he calls me downstairs, I can’t tell if I am going to be in trouble for something I did, or if I am going to be rewarded!  Once you get to know him you will see that he has a great sense of humor and can be very funny.

My Mom on the other hand, is easy to read. She loves to be silly and tease, but can easily change temperament when she needs to. Of course she is a great Mom, how can she not be with seven children?

My older brother Elisha is annoying sometimes, but not as much as you would expect an older brother to be. We are more buddies than anything else.

My younger sis Maranatha can alternate between a rival, enemy, and best friend within minutes. We share a bedroom so how do you expect me to react when she decides to decorate the room without me? We usually can’t stay mad at each other for long before we are back to being bffs and sharing secrets.

My 11 yr old brother Judah is the comedian in the house. He can make us laugh no matter what we are going through. I’m not saying his antics can’t get on my nerves, but I love that he can make me laugh.

My 9 yr old brother Micah is pretty serious. He can be very somber and moody, but he has a great imagination that keeps the two youngest occupied!

My 7 yr old sister Selah is shy and quiet around strangers, but at home she is a regular chatterbox! If you get her alone she can talk nonstop for hours.

The baby of the family is my 6 yr old sister Tirzah. She just started kindergarten this fall and is looking forward to learning how to read. She is the most energetic six-year old I have ever seen!

That is my crazy, wonderful family! Somedays I love all of them to death and others I feel like all I want to do is throw my covers over my head and block them all out, but I know I wouldn’t trade any of them for anything on earth!


4 thoughts on “My Family Life

  1. Your family sounds a lot like mine! I am the oldest in a family of 9, some days I want to jump for joy with my family, other days, not so much, but I would do anything to keep my family safe. Very good post, I enjoyed it very much.

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