The way we deal with health care in America is very inefficient and extremely wasteful. The government spends 17.5% of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) on health care, and wastes around 650 billion dollars annually. No other country has that much of its economy invested in its health care programs.

Think about how much you know about the price of medical costs compared to that of other things (such as gas, electricity, and oil). Not a whole lot! Why is this? Because once so many people have health coverage, they don’t care what the price is so long as their insurance takes care of it.

How do different aspects of medicine become covered by insurance? Well, doctors want their medical services covered under health care, because that will increase their business and in turn, increase their income. So doctors are always soliciting to get their care covered under insurance. This means that health insurance isn’t based on what we the people want, but on what the highest lobbying powers in the medical field want.

Another problem with health care is how drugs are approved and tested. There are III phases of drug testing. Phase I tests how safe a drug is; Phase II tests how well and effectively a drug works. Phase III tests the drug on hundreds of people and looks for side-effects then monitors how it works in relation to other drugs. This phase of testing costs the government billions of dollars which could be used effectively in other ways.

What should we do about the health care problem? Well, first of all, we need to have an insurance that covers what the people want, and insurance that covers unexpected expensive medical costs. You would also get an amount of money to put toward a health savings account, which you could use for minor health problems/issues. That way the price of medical services would go down, and you would have a good buyer and consumer relationship.

To save money that is spent on drug testing, we should keep the Phase I and II trials of testing, but completely get rid of Phase III and instead put the drug right on the market. The FDA would alert people of the low approval standard for that certain drug and allow them to determine if it is worth the risk to use.

We need to rethink how health care in America works, and come up with a better, more efficient health care program.


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