Question: Not all cells are the same. A skin cell is obviously different from a brain cell, what are some of the ways that cells can differ from one another?

There are a lot of different shapes that cells can have. Cells can be spherical, rod-shaped, and even spiral shaped! Also, every cell has its own unique structures that it uses to perform whatever job it is designed for. For example, plant cells have little structures called chloroplasts that store chlorophyll which is used in photosynthesis.


The two main types of cells are; prokaryotes and eukaryotes. Eukaryotes have a lot of individual organelles, each with their own specific task. Examples include the Nucleus, which stores the DNA, and the mitochondrion, which breaks down carbohydrates. The prokayotic cell however, does not contain these organelles. Instead of the DNA being tucked safely inside the nucleus, it just floats around in the cell.

Also, some cells just have one nucleus, while others have two! A certain cell in Phylum Ciliophora contains two nucleus, each with a different job. The macronucleus controls metabolism, while the micronuncleus controls reproduction.

bbbEach group of cells are diverse. All of them are special because they each perform specific functions necessary for life. A brain cell and a skin cell are very different from each other. They do different things, and they wouldn’t be able to function if they swapped places. But they work together and act in unity. Isn’t the biodiversity of our world amazing? I am thankful that each cell is unique and special. 🙂



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