Education, like many aspects of our government today has changed. There is a revision in the financial administration of our education system, as well as a fundamental difference in what is taught.

The founders themselves had a remarkable education. They were incredibly bright and full of knowledge. They viewed education as being important in the bringing up of the next generation of leaders. The word education is derived from a latin root word which means to “lead forth.” In a sense, the founders wanted their education system to “lead forth ” the next group of our country’s leaders. Their goal was to develop the hearts and improve the minds of the children of America.

In the third article of the Northwest Ordinance, the government used one section of the land in each township for the express purpose of education, and the building of schools. This land was then handed over to the state. Today, education consumes 4 times the amount of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) then what it consumed in the 1950’s. Education is expensive in America now. Schools spend a lot of time and money on “compliance” policies. These policies determine what a school can/can’t teach and determines what is regulated by the state within a given school. It takes alot of time and effort to try and figure out these rules. Schools usually have to bring in skilled lawyers to help explain it in depth.

There has also been a fundamental change in what is taught in our schools today. The basic principles of education have been cast aside and discarded. Children need to be taught how to build moral virtues which then lead to character building. This has stopped being a habit of schooling today. This leads to changes in how these children think about government which can in-turn reshape our country.

What should be done to improve the quality of education in America? Focus on the fundamentals, teach them the wonder of learning, and give them the building blocks they need to develop strong and well-developed characters. Also, we need to decentralize our education from the controlling power of the government. Once we accomplish this, we will raise up a generation of smart individuals, with the potential to lead our nation.


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