Everyone, pretend I am 70 for a moment. 🙂 (I know, I have aged so fast!) I have invited you all to my huge party celebrating my longevity. I am to give a speech on my life, and my successes.

“I have had a very profitable life. I will always look back on it with a few regrets, but I take pride in what I have managed to accomplish up until now. The first major success I achieved in life was the finishing of high school, (I finally made it!!) and the entering of college. This was done through a lot of hard work and study. You can’t slack off in this area kids, it is very important for your success in life! I finished college a certified pastry chef and started set up a small bakery downtown in Seward Alaska. What a celebration we had that day! My bakery flourished, and we soon expanded to incorporate a small restaurant/diner to accommodate more people. Business was booming and I used the income from my bakery to fund, perhaps the greatest project of my life. I took the profits from my business and used it to travel the world. I traveled everywhere, and it was amazing! Now, I traveled not only to see the sights of the world, but also to share to good news of Salvation to the people everywhere I went. It was wonderful to see people with renewed hope in their life!

My life hasn’t been extraordinary, but a life well-lived. I have fulfilled my goals, and happy with my results. Thank you, for your support throughout this amazing process.

Ok, I am not 70 anymore! Thank goodness, I was beginning to feel old! I hope you enjoyed my 70th birthday speech. 🙂





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