Today, October 12th 2016 was my baby sister’s birthday 😘. She is now six years old and the time seems to have flown by!! It seems like yesterday that she was three and toddling around saying cute sentences and getting into everything. Now, here she is, six years old and starting her first year of school. Where has the time gone??

For her birthday, Tirzah wanted a “strawberry shortcake” themed party. So I whipped up some delicious strawberry cupcakes; and we decorated in all pink! For her birthday meal, she chose corn dogs with chips and strawberry lemonade. Yumm, Tirzah knows how to pick ’em!

(The happy birthday banner isn’t exactly strawberry shortcake, but hey, at least it is pink!)

Tirzah had a blast opening all of her fun presents. It is very enjoyable to watch her different expressions as she opens each one. 😊


(Micah is goofing around in the background!!)

Happy Birthday Tirzah!! I love ❤️ you so much, and can’t wait to see what lies in store for you! 😘

Love from your sis,



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