The beginning of Jesus’ ministry started with His very famous miracles. He healed the sick, turned water into wine, cast out demons, and even resurrected people from the grave! How important were Jesus’ miracles, especially during the early part of his ministry?

Jesus started preaching and teaching the multitudes at about the age of  thirty and His work ended at His death around the age of thirty-three. Jesus was born into very humble beginnings. His parents, Mary and Joseph, were from the poor village of Nazareth and His father was only a low-income carpenter. Jesus ironically was born in a very unassertive situation while Joseph and Mary were in Bethlehem for a census. He was brought into this world in a stable and placed in a manger (an animal’s feeding tough). Needless to say, Jesus was of low origin and a nobody. When He first began His famous ministry, no one would know who He was. Nobody was interested in a poor village boy from Nazareth.

Luckily for Jesus, He did not have to start His ministry all by Himself. God had given someone else the job of paving the way for Jesus’ coming. John the Baptist (the cousin of Jesus) was called to tell the people about the coming of the Savior of the world. Also, the Torah and other holy writings of the Jewish people foretold about the coming of the Messiah. So, by the time Jesus was ready to begin His calling, the people were at least a little prepared for His coming.

Though the people of Israel knew about the Messiah, they had to be convinced that Jesus was the one everyone was expecting. The miracles performed by Him were instrumental in validating the idea that He was the Messiah the one who had come to save Israel. The first miracle Jesus every did publicly was the turning of water into wine at a wedding. He started out by doing small, almost inconsequential works and then it escalated to include the healing of the sick, and the feeding of the five thousand. The first few miracles that Jesus did helped to give Him the notice of the people. They were interested in hearing what this man had to say; could it be true that he turned water into wine? Once the crowd was drawn in, Jesus was able to teach and preach to them.

As the miracles of Jesus became bigger and bigger, more and more people were drawn to Him. Jesus wanted to reach as many individuals as possible, but He did not want His miracles to just be a show for the people. He only healed those who believed that they could be healed. He wanted the people to see Him for what He was, the Son of God; not just a worker of miracles.

While the miracles of Jesus were an amazing tool in helping His ministry grow, they were not only for the purpose of becoming well know. He wanted to use it as a tool of faith for those who believed.


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