During the ministry of Jesus, He had a lot of opposition. The people in authority were especially opposed to the His teachings and hearings. Why is that? Why were Jesus and the leaders of Israel so divided?

The leaders of Israel especially the Pharisees and Sadducees hated Jesus. It got so bad, that they even bribed a member of His close followers to betray Him to the council. Once Jesus was in their possession, they crucified Him. What could cause such deep rooted hatred against a man who only ever did good?

The Pharisees were opposed to Jesus’ teachings, because they feared that it would undermine their religious authority. They loved to be in a position of power over the people. The religious leaders always got the most money and I place of respect. Also, they did not want to believe that Jesus was the Messiah because they knew that the coming of the Christ would tear apart their structure of worship and way of life.

Israel’s king at the time was afraid of Jesus. Herod Antipas was constantly frightened by the thought of a revolt. He was a suspicious person, and killed many of his closest friends on the slightest feeling that they were planning to dethrone him.  He did not like Jesus at all. He was afraid that Jesus would stir up the people for a revolt. Herod was terrified by the idea of him losing his claim to the throne.

The Pharisees also, did not like the authority Jesus held over the people. Like Herod, they were afraid of what He could convince the people of. Because of their jealousy and fear they were convinced that the only way to get rid of Jesus’ influence was by killing Him.

The Pharisees were constantly watching Him, trying to figure out a way arrest Him without causing a disruption.  Finally, they got their chance after Passover. Judas Iscariot, one of Jesus’ close disciples betrayed Him for the promise of money. He led the Roman soldiers directly to Jesus where they arrested Him and put Him on trial. The Pharisees had payed false witnesses to testify against Jesus in court. The judge, Pilate did not believe Jesus to be guilty, but he gave in to the cry of the people.

Jesus was taken out and crucified along with two thieves on the hill of Golgotha. Fear can do many harmful things. The Pharisee’s jealousy and fear of what Jesus was capable of drove them to do a horrible deed.


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