After the death of Jesus, the apostles were given a mission. That mission was to spread the Gospel to everyone. One way that they did that was by establishing Churches in the places that they preached.

The apostles and Sadducees did not get along well at all. More than a few times they would buttheads with each other. In the book of Acts, chapter five the apostles were arrested for preaching and performing miracles.

Then the high priest and all his associates, who were members of the party of the Sadducees, were filled with jealousy. They arrested the apostles and put them in the public jail – Acts 5:17-18

The Sadducees were jealous of the apostle’s authority over the people. They refused to let their power be undermined by some unknown people from the lower-class. They Sadducees were jealous of the apostle’s ability to easily turn the eyes of the people towards them.

Another reason for the conflict between the apostles and Sadducees was the new way of life that Jesus’ disciples were presenting to the people. The apostles were saying that the only way to get to God was through Jesus Christ. No longer did the people have to offer sacrifices for sins, or isolate themselves from others when considered “unclean”. Jesus now became the way for them to communicate with God. The Sadducees hated the apostles for this. They were tearing down the system that upheld their culture and laws. Their way of life was no longer essential for everyone.

The apostles also claimed that Jesus was risen from the dead, and He had conquered the grave. The Sadducees wanted to squelch the “rumor” of Jesus’ resurrection. The person that they had worked so hard to silence couldn’t be silenced after all. There were still whisperings about Jesus everywhere; rumors abounded about His death and resurrection. The Sadducees couldn’t stand it. They did not appreciate the fact that the apostles were helping in keeping the unwelcome rumor alive.

Because of the many differences between the apostles and the Sadducees, they couldn’t always agree and get along with each other. The apostles however, did not give up when faced with persecution from the Sadducees.


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