Are Jesus and the Greek god Zeus similar? Did they teach the same things, act the same? Which one of them is greater?

Zeus was not easy to relate to at all. He lived up on Mount Olympus somewhere far away from mankind. He didn’t seem to really care about the problems that his people had, and the only time He really took control of situations is when he was exacting judgement on somebody. Zeus was not very lovable at all. He liked to be feared, not loved.

Jesus on the other hand, was very down to earth and relatable. He spent time with His people talking to them, healing them and teaching them. He was well loved by everyone who believed in Him. Jesus took time to come down out of heaven to live and dwell with the mortals of the earth and talk to them.

Zeus was also immoral and greedy. He was not at all a good example for his people to follow. He is constantly becoming jealous of other people’s riches. He wanted everything that was good to be his. If Zeus saw something that he wanted, he would take it. Zeus was also not a faithful husband. He is always sneaking behind his wife, Hera’s back and taking advantage of other women. He repeatedly tried to hide his actions from her and lied to her.

The unethical practices of Zeus were the opposite of Jesus’. In fact, He was as good as Zeus was bad. Jesus taught His followers to not covet other people’s riches. He taught them not to steal, lie or cheat. In the book of Matthew Jesus states that if you look at a woman (or man) and lust after them, you have already committed adultery with them in your heart. Zeus, obviously did not live by any of these rules; and did only what pleased Him at the time.

So, who was the greater man? Was it Jesus or Zeus? Zeus was definitely powerful and strong, but he used his power to do evil things, and inflict suffering on others. Jesus was gentle, kind and loving. He urged people to be better than themselves, and live upright lives.

I believe that Jesus was by far the better of the two. He was the perfect example of good leadership and righteousness. Zeus was only interested in keeping his power intact and keeping the people under his thumb.



4 thoughts on “Jesus Vs Zeus

  1. Nice essay! I think you got your points across well, but I would also recommend for you to back up your statements about Zeus and Jesus with a few references from specific Greek/Roman writings and the Bible.

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