Animals and Fungi differ in many different ways, but one of the most obvious is the way that they consume their food. The digestion and absorption of food in fungi is very unique and interesting; so let’s jump into this! 🙂

Fungi possess special chemicals that they will secrete onto their food source. These chemicals dissolve and break down their meal, and essentially digest it for them. The fungi will then absorb the broken down substance and take all of the nutrients from it.  The interesting thing about this process is it that the digestion of food takes place outside of the body of fungi. Only after all the nutrients have been broken down will the fungi then absorb it into its body.

In contrast, animals have a completely different method of eating. The first step in their feeding cycle is ingesting their acquired food source. Once the food is inside of the animal’s body, it will then be digested and broken down. The feeding habits of animals are the exact opposite from those of fungi.

Once all of the needed nutrients have been extracted from their food source, animals will then excrete the excess in the form of feces. Fungi do not do that. Since they break down their food before ingesting it, fungi only absorb what they need from their food source; thereby eliminating the need of extracting unwanted waste products from their food.

In conclusion, animals and fungi have vastly different means of getting the nutrients that they need out of their food; but they are able to attain it one way or another. 🙂



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