A Muslim woman wants to get a driver’s license, but it requires a photograph – but she wears a hiqab that covers her face. –

I. Should the woman be allowed to get a driver’s license?

II. The Sherbert Test as applied to this case:

A. Was the person pursuing a sincere religious belief?


B. Did the law impose a substantial burden on the exercise of one’s religious beliefs?

Yes, because the law requires her to remove her face covering for the license photo.

C. Does the law fulfill a compelling governmental interest?

(1a.) How important is the goal of the government’s law?

Very important, because it protects the identity of its citizens.

(2b.) Does the government’s law actually achieve its stated goal or interest?

Yes, it does.

D. Could this interest be accomplished in a less restrictive fashion?

No, I do no believe so. Photo ID is important to protect the identity of the United States citizens.


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