We Americans value our freedom of speech. Supposedly. Why then, do we seek to silence those who speak out against popular opinions and beliefs? Our country was established to protect the freedoms of ordinary citizens one of which is the right to speak up for what you believe in. The sad thing is, we are straying farther and farther from that ideal and getting closer to the idea of forced orthodoxy. Instead of embracing the attitude of free expression and independent thinking we are looking for ways to still opposing voices through many ingenious means; political correctness, insults and bullying.

This all leads to the question that we must ask ourselves:

How Should Unorthodox Opinions Be Dealt With in Our Society?

Currently, the left-leaning side of politics has a really strong influence on our country. However, not everyone agrees with them and they should have the right to speak up about what they believe as well. The sad thing is, many people have been scared into silence. They are too afraid of what could happen to them if they dare to speak up against a controversial subject. Why? Shouldn’t America be a safe place for people to voice their opinions? The problem is that we have the wrong response. We don’t know how to deal with anyone who disagrees with us. Instead of exchanging views with logic and reason or engaging in a peaceful debate, we go straight to slander. Instead of listening politely to the opposing side’s points and reasoning we tend to disregard everything without a second thought. Instead of promoting free speech, these kinds of responses actually ends up smothering and placing limits on our freedom. As Americans, we should not try to punish others for their opinions and ideas no matter how unconventional they are.

Words are powerful tools, and like any other tool they should be used properly.  How then should we deal with people who disagree with us? Simply by choosing not to be offended by what idea is being expressed or thought spoken. We need to realize that there are a lot of people who will not necessarily agree with us; and while what they think might seem hurtful, we need to be mature enough to handle it in a respectable way.





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