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Texas v. Johnson

In 1984, during a protestation against Reagan administrative policies, Gregory Lee Johnson burned an American flag in front of the Dallas City Hall. He was tried in a Texas court and charged for desecration of the flag. After the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals reversed the conviction, the case was brought before the Supreme Court.… Continue reading Texas v. Johnson

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International Treaties and the UN Convention

What is the fundamental difference between the UN treaties and the treaties the Founding Fathers would have been familiar with? The Constitution allows us to make international treaties between countries, but there is a difference from the treaties the founding fathers were familiar with and those of today. Today we have things such as the… Continue reading International Treaties and the UN Convention

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Judicial Activism

“Judicial Activism: judicial rulings that are suspected of being based on personal opinion, rather than on existing law.” A recent example of judicial activism is the 2010 Federal Sentencing Act: Before 2010, drug dealers would get different lengths of prison time for the amount/type of drugs in their possession. For instance, someone who had 5… Continue reading Judicial Activism

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Education In America

Education, like many aspects of our government today has changed. There is a revision in the financial administration of our education system, as well as a fundamental difference in what is taught. The founders themselves had a remarkable education. They were incredibly bright and full of knowledge. They viewed education as being important in the… Continue reading Education In America

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Marriage and Families in America

Marriage in our society today has drastically changed from the beginning of our country. No longer is marriage viewed as a binding contract between two individuals; but as a status and therefore able to be terminated at will. In the founders view of marriage; each person had a distinct role to play within the family.… Continue reading Marriage and Families in America