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Education In America

Education, like many aspects of our government today has changed. There is a revision in the financial administration of our education system, as well as a fundamental difference in what is taught. The founders themselves had a remarkable education. They were incredibly bright and full of knowledge. They viewed education as being important in the… Continue reading Education In America

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Marriage and Families in America

Marriage in our society today has drastically changed from the beginning of our country. No longer is marriage viewed as a binding contract between two individuals; but as a status and therefore able to be terminated at will. In the founders view of marriage; each person had a distinct role to play within the family.… Continue reading Marriage and Families in America

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Go Green: Our Environmental Crisis

The way that we view the environment has drastically changed over time. There have been three main ways that Americans have viewed the environment since its founding; the first one is our founders view of caring for the earth. Then between 1900-1970 perspectives changed into what we call the Progressive view of environment. From 1970… Continue reading Go Green: Our Environmental Crisis

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The Rise of Affirmative Action

America now has a new way of thinking about rights. The view of our founders concerning  equal rights was that it is the government’s job to insure that everyone has equal opportunity to secure their own personal rights, without the prohibition of race or ethnic background. The way we think about rights today has to do with entitlements,… Continue reading The Rise of Affirmative Action

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The Problem With Health Care

The way we deal with health care in America is very inefficient and extremely wasteful. The government spends 17.5% of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) on health care, and wastes around 650 billion dollars annually. No other country has that much of its economy invested in its health care programs. Think about how much you know… Continue reading The Problem With Health Care