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Sunshine Blogger Award!!

Hey guys! I was nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by Ivana, Odessa, Catherine, Danny, and Myriam! I am so sorry guys, that I haven’t put up a post before now! I have been extremely busy. 😕 The rules for the award are: 1. Thank the people who nominated you and link back to their blogs 2. Answer the questions… Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award!!

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The Drive For Statehood In Alaska

The journey to Statehood for Alaska was a long and hard one. There were many struggles that they needed to overcome, but when the people of Alaska all pulled together, they accomplished great things. All of their hard work paid off though, when the territory of Alaska finally became a State and was admitted into… Continue reading The Drive For Statehood In Alaska

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Animal Intelligence Vs Human Intelligence

What Does it Mean When We Say an Animal is Intelligent? How Is Human Intelligence Different from That of Animals? An animal is said to be intelligent when it shows signs of being able to learn, teach, and communicate with others of its species. A Gorilla, for example is thought to be highly intelligent, because of its… Continue reading Animal Intelligence Vs Human Intelligence

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The Transformation: From Dangerous Venom to Helpful Medicine

The phylum Arthropoda is perhaps one of the most diverse. It contains everything from insects to crustaceans. It has more species than in any other phyla known, and is incredibly varied. There are quite a lot of harmful species in this phyla such as; spiders, scorpions, centipedes etc. Many of these are not only deadly… Continue reading The Transformation: From Dangerous Venom to Helpful Medicine

Geography Assignments

The Importance of Gold in Alaska

Gold has played an important role in the development of Alaska. The State of Alaska was purchased from the Russians in 1867 and at first, the federal government did not invest much in their newly acquired land. However, the discovery of gold in many of Alaska’s rivers changed all of that. Before the first discovery… Continue reading The Importance of Gold in Alaska

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Feeding Habits of Fungi Vs That of Animals

Animals and Fungi differ in many different ways, but one of the most obvious is the way that they consume their food. The digestion and absorption of food in fungi is very unique and interesting; so let’s jump into this! 🙂 Fungi possess special chemicals that they will secrete onto their food source. These chemicals… Continue reading Feeding Habits of Fungi Vs That of Animals